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Choir at King’s Chapel is headed by a Music Director and an Assistant; both reporting to the Minister-in-Charge of the Choir in the Parish. The department usually comprises Lead Vocalists, Back-up Singers and Instrumentalists. They are always at liberty to organise themselves and their activities for optimised productivity.


The functions of the choir include, but not limited to:
1. Providing sacred and Gospel music to lead worship during church services/events.
2. Performing specially rehearsed songs to minister to the congregation during the service.
3. Providing music to lead worship on special occasions e.g. Revival Meetings, Weddings, Naming or Burial Ceremonies etc.
4. Meeting regularly for music rehearsals at agreed periods of the week.
5. Regularly learning new songs and hymns, etc to be able to lead worship effectively and teach the church same.
6. Providing regular reports of the activities of the department to the Pastorate.

Praise ye the LORD. Sing unto the LORD a new song and his praise in the congregation of saints.

PSALM 149:1


1. HUMILITY: An intending chorister must be ready to be submissive and subordinate to the choir leaders. This is critical because the choir is usually a place for the “Stars and Super-Stars” who like to show off their stuff to everyone.
2. QUICK-LEARNING SKILL: Time is never sufficient during rehearsal because there are always many songs to learn. Therefore, an ability to learn quickly is a big asset to a good chorister. Besides, one must be highly teachable, musically.
3. GOOD VOICE AND HEARING ABILITY: A good voice and listening ears for rhythm, tones and sounds are valuable to an intending chorister else, he must be ready to endure thorough training to acquire these skills.
4. PRACTICE SKILL: This implies doing the same things correctly under instructions repeatedly, several times for a length of time until the act is improved upon and mastered for a perfect presentation. Not everyone can endure this – because of the discipline of focus and concentration it demands. Some songs can take several days and some musical instruments several years to master.
5. MATURITY: As in other things, an intending chorister must handle his emotions well. Music rides on emotions. A fellow may be admired, appreciated or flattered for a good performance and conversely embarrassed, misunderstood and unduly criticized or ignored due to a perceived poor performance.
6. TOLERANCE: The choir is a heterogeneous mixture of different age groups. Therefore, an elderly fellow must be ready to tolerate the idiosyncrasies and exuberance of the lesser-aged who are always the majority in the choir.
7. MINISTERIAL ETHICS: A chorister is a minister. He must be morally and ethically minded else, he becomes a tool for the devil.
8. AVAILABILITY: This is very crucial! There can be no improvement and mastery without thorough participation. Ability without availability is a futility.
9. COMPLIANCE WITH CHOIR REGULATIONS: The stipulated choir regulations must be observed - including the need to wear choir uniforms as the occasions may require.
10. NEATNESS: A chorister must be simple in outlook, well dressed and neat in his/her uniform during church events.

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