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This is a paramilitary group. They administer security, orderliness and the observation of protocols in all church events. Their responsibilities are large. The group is led by a Head Usher, reporting to the Minister in charge.


1. Welcoming members, guests and visitors into the church auditorium or venue of church events and politely directing them to their seats.
2. Getting the venues of church events ready before the events start. This includes cleaning and arranging the seats and furniture, decorating the auditorium to ensure good aesthetics.
3. Assisting in the sanitation and cleaning of the inside and outside of the venue premises before, during and after the events.
4. Monitoring and ensuring orderliness of people’s movement and conduct during church events.
5. Collection of all offering during events, counting and recording them into all the necessary books for statistical record.
6. Handing over the checked offerings to designated officers who take them to bank at once.
7. Attending to the needs of congregation members during an on-going event/service.
8. Taking attendance of the congregation in church events/services and recording this in all necessary books as stipulated.
9. Assisting in checking and evaluating church inventory
10. Taking good custody of all past and present books/records containing the statistics of events of the church.
11. Waiting on the Pastors and Ministers for errands to meet official needs during and after events. 12. Providing regular reports of the activities of the department to the Pastorate.

Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors.



1. MATERIAL CONTENTMENT: This is one of the first immediate qualifications to be an Usher. Because, part of the duties of an Usher is to collect, check and record various types of offerings. Therefore, anyone who does not have a stable means of livelihood and cannot resist the temptation to steal should never volunteer to be an usher at all
2. HUMILITY: An intending usher must indeed be humble and patient because ushers interface directly with the members, guests and visitors having various temperaments, manners and may be in different moods – yet, they all must be well received by the ushers!
3. CHEERFUL ATTITUDE: The first person to meet in a church event is the usher. If one needs a help during an event or service, the person to call is also the Usher. Thus, a good usher must exhibit a cheerful and sweet temperament all the time during an event, irrespective of his/her personal challenge. This calls for a good human relations and soft character.
4. NEAT AND ATTRACTIVE OUTLOOK: Most people are attracted or put off by what/whom they see and how they interpret this. A neat and attractive (not necessarily sophisticated) outlook is compulsory for an usher. This can affect so many things in a church event.
5. ETHICS: An usher must be ethically minded. The conducts of ushers are highly guided by regulations which are both stated and implied. Contravention of any of these may bring undesirable consequences.
6. STAMINA/ALERTNESS: All through a church event, most ushering works are done standing on one spot or moving up and down, being alert all the time. This requires a good measure of stamina and strength. This is to be considered by an intending usher.
7. PRAYERFUL: Ushers do not close their eyes in church events - even during prayers. Nevertheless, they must be prayerful all the time so that the Holy Spirit may flow as events progress during the service.
8. SMART AND INTELLIGENT: This is a highly sought after attribute among ushers in the church today. People like to be easily understood, well treated and honoured. An usher with these qualities will make a good impression.
9. ENDURANCE: All the above stated obligations require a spirit of endurance to drive them. After events in the church, ushers are usually the last to leave the premises and they are to get there before anyone else. This requires endurance.

10. SECURITY CONSCIOUSNESS: A good usher must have security instincts and consciousness because all who come to church events do not have the same motives. Some have ulterior motives. An usher must be smart enough to exercise good initiatives when there are security issues.

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