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Evangelism is said to be the heartbeat of God, and it is the Great Commission. The church has the obligation to carry out this mandate. In order to achieve this, the church must develop realistic strategies and be well organised in her efforts. The Evangelism Department helps to organise and manage church resources in respect of this. This department comprises other subunits such as Drama group and Follow-up group. It is headed by a Head of Evangelism.


1. To assist the Pastorate to plan, organise, and manage evangelistic efforts in church events.
2. To develop a blueprint and framework upon which evangelistic efforts can be sustained.
3. Collating lists of names of new converts and visitors at church events so as to follow them up.
4. Assembling and keeping statistical data of new converts, old, current and new church members to monitor their attendance and advise the Pastorate for possible actions where and when necessary.
5. Setting evangelistic goals to be achieved within a specified period of time.
6. Meeting regularly to plan and strategise in order to pursue some preset goals on a timeline basis.
7. Managing all available resources to achieve church or group-defined evangelistic goals.
8. Organise and stage drama play-lets during church events.
9. Providing regular reports of the activities of the department to the Pastorate.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

MARK 16:15


1. ENTHUSIASM: One must be lively, energetic and enthusiastic to be an effective member of this unit.
2. PASSION FOR SOULS: Souls are actually the end products of evangelism. Any efforts may be used to reach them. Without a genuine love for the souls, it will be frustrating to continue as a worker in the unit.
3. ABILITY TO MEET PEOPLE AND TALK: It is necessary to develop the positive attitude of meeting and talking to people politely and boldly anywhere as may be led. This is an essential quality.
4. ABILITY TO ACT ON STAGE: This is very important for those who may volunteer to be in the Drama Unit.
5. TIME/AVAILABILITY: As in all other departments, this unit is not less demanding of time and availability.
6. COMMITMENT AND DEDICATION: Without this quality, it will be futile to join the unit. Consistency is of high premium.
7. RESILIENT: One requires persistence in following up others. Giving up too soon will not bring expected results.
8. TESTIMONY OF PERSONAL SALVATION: No man can give what he does not have. A personal testimony of salvation is of utmost necessity in soul winning. Readiness to share this with others is also important.
9. GOOD KNOWLEDGE OF THE BIBLE: This is critical because it is dangerous to go out in ignorance of the word of God.

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