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The Teaching department, like the Choir, has one of the oldest obligations in the Priesthood right from the Old Testament period. Most of the Old Testament prophets were teachers. When Jesus Christ came, He was also a teacher, besides other things. This group is made up of trained, educated and informed workers who regularly assist the Pastors to educate the church morally and spiritually. Their impact on church spiritual growth is highly critical.

In King’s Chapel, the teaching department comprises the Sunday School Unit and the Children/Teenagers’ Teachers. The teaching department also includes units like the Believers/Baptismal Class and Workers-in-Training Class.
All these are supervised by Ministers in the church.


1. They meet to pre-view the Sunday School and Baptismal/Believers teaching manuals so as to prepare the teaching of the following Sunday Service.
2. They prepare the Digging Deep materials used for Tuesday Digging Deep.
3. They provide counselling to their students and look after them to ensure their steady spiritual growth.
4. Preparation of candidates for baptism.
5. Training of volunteers as workers in the church.
6. Providing regular reports of the activities of the department to the Pastorate.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.



1. LITERATE: An intending worker in this unit must be literate, educated, informed and a regular reader of the Bible.
2. TEACHABLE: The one who will be a teacher must first be teachable himself, and then he will be open to other people’s ideas as no one is an island of knowledge.
3. GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILL: A teacher should be able to conceptualise, articulate and express divine truths and knowledge in a simple language that uneducated people can easily understand.
4. MODELLING: A teacher is automatically expected to be a model of what he teaches else, he will be a misfit.
5. MATURE and FRIENDLY: This is necessary to be able to handle the intellectual needs of the students.
6. KNOWLEDGEABLE: He must be well informed on the subject matter he intends to teach. This is necessary to avoid confusing the students and leading them into errors.
7. BOLD AND CONFIDENT: A teacher is also a watchman who should not spare the rod but gently rebuke evil and instruct the students in righteous living through his teachings.
8. WELL MANNERED: The first person to judge is the teacher. Her manner and life style must not contradict her message.
9. PATIENT: For knowledge to translate to good character, patience must be exercised. A teacher must not give up easily on his students.
10. PRAYERFUL: No divine assignment succeeds without spending time in the place of prayer.


1. Keeping the children busy by gainfully engaging them, and preventing them from wandering and loitering during the service.
2. Providing qualitative Christian education for the children in the church.
3. Organising special children events that can impact positively on their lives.
4. Counselling the children on academic, intellectual and spiritual matters.
5. Modelling them to be able to grow and mature in all aspects of their lives
6. Assisting them in prayers to be able to overcome personal struggles.
7. Providing regular reports of the activities of the department to the Pastorate.


The qualifications of a children/teenagers’ teacher are the same as those of the Sunday school teacher stated above. Nevertheless, the following attributes are also required, namely:

1. PASSION AND LOVE FOR CHILDREN: Not everyone can actually cope with managing children and teenagers due to their peculiar habits. To succeed in this calling, one must have natural love and interest to relate to children in a way they will be blessed.
2. UNDERSTAND THEIR LANGUAGE: To be able to communicate with them, you must understand their language and be able to speak it.
3. TOLERANT: A man of critical spirit will never succeed with children. One must learn to tolerate them and gently rebuke them for errors.
4. DEPENDABLE: Children always prefer people they can depend upon. They would willingly submit to such individual and trust him blindfolded.
5. MORALLY UPRIGHT: Because children and teenagers submit completely to those they are able to trust, it becomes obligatory that their teachers must never take undue advantage of them or abuse their trust in any way. Especially, male teachers towards female teenagers. This will have disastrous consequences.

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